Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meal Plan for this Week

I made a few adjustments to this week's meal plan after being completely derailed by a migraine on Monday.

So, here's what the week looks like now:
Monday - Chipotle (thanks to my understanding husband plus my failure to make a trip to the grocery store)
Tuesday - Soft Tacos (Yes, mexican food is always welcome at our house)
Wednesday - Grandma's Pizza (tomato/cheese) and Antipasto Salad (both from the new Cook's Country)
Thursday - Beef & Tomato Stew over brown rice (from the new Everyday Food), applesauce
Friday - Card night - which means dinner with friends

Also worth noting...I went through all my pins on Pinterest tonight and moved everything that I've actually made to a new board (Saw it, Pinned it, Made it). I wanted to clean up my Yum board, so that it just includes new ideas and not things I've already tried. I was pleased to find that I have made 46 new recipes from ideas found on Pinterest. That's pretty good, right? Not just a waste of time? :)

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