Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Santa brought

Even though I really didn't need anything else for the kitchen for Christmas, I got something, and it was just what I wanted...a Le Crueset Dutch Oven, a red one, no less. My husband had begun mentioning building some kind of elaborate shelving in our garage to hold my ever-growing supply of kitchen "stuff". Because of this, I didn't even ask for anything for the kitchen this Christmas. Of course, my mom picked up on the fact that I wanted one of these beauties when I kept entering online contests to win one. At least now I can stop entering the contests.

Now, I need to know what to cook in it. I mean, I know I can cook everything in it, but what do I start with? My brother got one too, and he's going to cook short ribs. I'm not quite that adventurous. Maybe a good slow cooked chili, or Coq a Vin (the recipe I was supposed to cook for Barefoot Bloggers this month), or fried chicken. I'm leaning towards soup, just because that always sounds good this time of year, but if you have suggestions, please send them my way!
Happy New Year.

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Correnta said...

I am loving this post. Adam and I are always talking about where to store all my kitchen things...for now several things are stored in the basement utility room - which is not so handy but it's what I've got. I'm glad to know a fellow cook feels my frustration b/c I'm sure both of us have a kitchen wishlist that could go for miles. :)
2nd...I am totally jealous of your dutch oven - AWESOME! I too have been trying to win one. That and a new Kitchen Aid mixer, which is silly b/c I have one already but would love a fun color! SAD - I may have a mental problem.