Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas baking and candy-making

This past Saturday, we had a big baking day at our house! We love to make treats for Christmas and give them away to friends. Usually we'll make caramels, fudge, dipped pretzels, covered pecans, pumpkin bread and then a new recipe or two. This year, I had visions of beautiful gingerbread people that we would ice with little white eyes and white buttons. Instead, this is what they looked like...

Maybe that's not exactly what I was imagining, but it was still fun! (But, we haven't eaten any of them yet.)

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Les said...

yeh, it's hard to let go of creative expression to minors in the kitchen but the experience together is better than beautiful cookies that just get eaten!
Next year I think I will let the kids do their own gingerbread houses and I'll do mine. That way I can let theirs look however it looks.