Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meals this Week

Sadly, I have been far too embarrassed to post my "meal plans" the last several weeks. Honestly, there hasn't been much meal planning going on and instead a whole lot of eating out. I don't really want you all to know how often Chipotle provides dinner for our household.

Going back to work full-time has derailed much of the little home organization I had. And, it's most obvious the weeks that we are really busy on the weekends. Wow. Unfortunately, for our budget and waistlines, there have been a lot of busy weekends lately.

Hopefully, though, we're moving back in the right direction. I actually went to the grocery store over the weekend (we didn't want to go hungry if a tornado hit) and made some things for the freezer and fixed a couple meals at home. Revolutionary, I know. (It was also how I coped with the looming storm threat).

So, here's what meals are looking like around our house this week (and it is nothing fancy, but at least it's not Chipotle).
Sunday - Pot roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, orange jello salad, fruit
Monday - shredded beef taquitos (from the leftover roast), fruit, chips & homemade salsa
Tuesday - sandwiches, fruit, chips, cucumber (baseball game on this night)
Wednesday - Chicken, broccoli and cheese casserole, rice, strawberries/kiwi
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - We are hosting our monthly card night. Not quite sure what is on the menu yet...

What are you eating? Any suggestions for quick and simple weeknight meals?

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Rachel said...

We liked this one a few weeks ago, and I thought of you guys actually. Pretty easy, especially if you have the chicken precooked.