Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chris Cooks Week Commences

About a week and a half ago CJ told me that he was wanting to do more cooking, and he didn't mean that he just wanted to help me cook dinner that night. He wanted to plan a week's worth of meals and prepare them.

I gave him an extra menu-planning worksheet I had on hand, and he grabbed his two cookbooks for kids. He sat down at the kitchen table, and looking an awfully lot like I do on Saturday mornings, set out to plan his menu for the week.

He used his cookbooks, some of my cooking magazines and a list of often-made meals I keep on hand to design his menu. He took great delight in planning dessert for most of the evenings as well. And, with a little prompting, he added either fruits, vegetables or both to his plan. And for the weekend, he planned breakfasts as well.

I already had meals planned for the following week, so he had to wait until to today to get started. I'll try to follow along throughout the week with updates and recipes. But, for now, here's his menu:

Sunday breakfast - Cinnamon rolls (from Paula Dean's kid's cookbook)
dinner - Chicken Enchiladas, Cucumber Salad, Chocolate Milkshakes
Monday - breakfast
Tuesday - Oodles of Noodles Pasta Salad, Peaches, Peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies
Wednesday - Sloppy Joes, Carrots, Grapes
Thursday - Pasta with Bacon and Tomato Sauce, Salad, Bread
Friday - Hamburgers, Chips, Smoothies, Pineapple
Saturday breakfast - French toast
dinner - Italian Beef, Carrots, Strawberry Cream Cupcake Dessert

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